‘LOGO’ ka kaam hai kehna!

Logon ka toh kaam hai hi kehna, but for us, it is the ‘logo’ which does the speaking. Brands are always looking ahead to come up with something that is unique and appealing to show up in the market. Logos are such visual representation to promote public recognition. Mostly, brands prefer vibrant and relatable graphics to be their logo. Some of them prefer their names just to be portrayed in visual format, and some of them wishes to represent their name along with something relatable to their products or services. Some brands just print their logos and not their name on their products. Just look at these logos and you just know them so well:

These logos themselves speak the brand name and their quality. That’s what the logos can do. Logos have unexplainable power than you think it can do.

Graphic designers have an extra eye for the colors and minimalistic values that never a common man can recognize. It’s all their skills that end up as a brand’s identity. A logo can be a simple yet creative visual representation that gives the customers and the market the idea of the brand and their services or the products. These logos can communicate a whole bunch of information on the brand and their products:

Logos are even a result of a deep dip into the business of brand, their target audience and competitors. Logos can be also said as a game of minimalism; they are an ultimate sign for a business. If they aren’t attractive, they won’t work. Even though the logo may not be the representation of the brand name of their service, it has to be unique and simple to create an impact. Everyone reading this may know these logos, even without their name and services on them:

A good and apt logo can create a huge impact on a business. That’s the reason they believe in branding agencies and leaves the rest on them. Logos are as precious as the reputation of the company, if it is appealing and attractive you get the grip fixed. The world may not be able to speak the same language, but they will definitely remember a sign and recognize it later!